Friday, January 2, 2009


My wife and I saw "Marley and Me" yesterday. Nice little picture...Marley kind of steals the movie but then, that's almost always the case. Two rules in Hollywood...never costar with animals or children. Second rule: never costar with children and animals. I enjoyed seeing Jennifer on the big screen. I used to bounce her on my knee. I have pictures of Jennifer and my son, Richard floating in our pool in the backyard. Her parents, John and Nancy Aniston and my wife and I frequently would go on camping trips up north where we'd play bridge all day and Jen and Popper (Richard's nickname) played in the dirt. Fond memories.

As for Kate Hudson...another one who bounced on my knee. My wife and I have known Goldie Hawn for over thirty-five years. Scout, my wife who was quite an accomplished still photographer took pictures of Kate and Oliver Hudson with their mom on many occasions. She has certainly grown into a beautiful young woman. It's really a pleasure seeing them both succeed in careers that are - generally - very difficult to even get started in. My son, Popper grew up to become my assistant on the set. Richard jr. worked with me on over twenty-five feature and television films. It's great to see second generations in the industry.

The only tough part of all this is that they are the constant reminders that I'm growing older...and no one likes to endure that! Kate's got a new pic coming out this month - starring with Ann Hathaway. Promises to be very funny. Like her mother, Kate's a natural comedienne.

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