Monday, January 5, 2009

More on Second Generations in shobiz

It occured to me how many second generations there are now in the "industry", as it's so often least in LaLaLand. Other day I saw a movie with Zoohey Deschanel...daughter of Caleb Deschanel - a most excellent cinematographer. Then a saw a Director of Photography credit for Florian Balhaus...son of Michael Balhaus...and the list goes on. Hurray. Some people might want to accuse the "industry" of being nepotistic. Of course it is! It's always been that way! Heck, the industry was practically founded on nepotism. You don't think lawyer's son's get into schools like Harvard or Yale because their fathers are alumni? Or doctors whose sons want to follow in their father footsteps into a top rated Med school. How about Wall Street? Or the plumbing industry. How may fathers and sons do you see advertised on their trucks? Or electricians? The only reason people might gripe about the movie industry being that way is because they want to be in it...and don't know how to do it! Viva la difference! After teaching film making at the Colorado Film School for five years...I have told ALL my students...if you want to get into the "industry"...really want it...then go to Los Angeles, buy the local production guide book (LA411) and start knocking on doors. And don't stop until you've got a job. Then start paying your dues. There are no short cuts. I would guess from the time you get your first job in the industry until you get your first really BIG break? Ten years. Some go faster, most don't. So, be paitent, work your butt off - keep smile on your face - keep asking for more and...if you have any talent at all, you WILL succeed. I can practically garantee it.

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